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Decisions taken and policy adopted by Brussels, Dublin or at local level, impact on company competitiveness. In fact, nearly 80% of domestic economic and social legislation emanates from decisions taken at EU level. EU rules create additional compliance burdens which often affect company competitiveness.

Against this background, one of EPS Consulting's most important roles is to assist clients in their interaction with the public sector and the political system.

We do this by working with clients to explain legislation and policy proposals that will impact on operations.

We provide an expert lobbying service to enable your business to put forward its case at a political level.

We also provide a tailored tracking service that monitors areas of interest to our clients including State Aid, financial services, taxation, trade, environment, consumer protection, social policy, transport, energy, telecoms and pharmaceuticals.

Track Record

We have successfully completed the following assignments:

  • Submissions to Government covering emissions trading, NDP, packaging, healthcare and licensing of entertainment venues
  • Budget proposals on betting tax, tax credits for R&D, tax credits for affordable housing
  • Changes in legislation including TV sports rights, postal regulatory issues, broadcasting, insurance, pharmacy, and the need for a unique Nightclub Licence
  • Interaction with Government, assistance to clients in accessing the proper channels in Government, helping to build relationships and find areas of mutual benefit.
  • EU policy, including Internal Market complaints, financial services and EU environmental issues
  • EU funding, including assistance in relation to completion of project applications under the Seventh Research Framework
  • EU State aid, including Ryanair's Charleroi case, the thoroughbred industry sector, environment and energy taxation
  • Competition issues, including submissions to the Oireachtas in relation to the Groceries Order as well as numerous submissions to the Competition Authority on a wide range of competition issues
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