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Effective communication is an essential part of any business. The ability to get your message across to the right people can play a pivotal role in your success.

Working closely with clients, EPS Consulting helps to devise PR and media campaigns and strategies that match the needs and size of the organisation. Our services cover a broad range of areas and caters for all communication needs. Whether it is just advice on publications and preparation for interaction with the media or instigating a full public relations strategy or campaign, EPS Consulting will work with your business to deliver the results you need.

Television Cameras

Working with the media can bring great benefits to your business. However it can also be a difficult and challenging proposition. EPS Consulting can assist you in building a strong profile and a positive relationship with the media through:

  • Working as your dedicated PRO
  • Preparing press releases
  • Writing feature articles
  • Organising press conferences
  • Preparing media packs and briefings for journalists
  • Meeting with media on your behalf
  • Preparation for Interviews
  • Advice on how to meet the journalists' needs in various media

Crisis Management

Dealing effectively with a crisis is a critical part of the modern business environment. EPS Consulting can assist clients by helping them to prepare for such events.

We work closely with our clients to identify possible threats and to ensure that in so far as possible they are ready to deal with them. If such events do occur EPS Consulting will always be ready to assist and to guide you through what can be a very difficult and stressful time for any enterprise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

EPS Consulting has worked extensively in the field of CSR most notably through our work with the Good Corporation Standard.

We assist clients in developing strategies and programmes that are in keeping with their own business objectives and also allow them to fulfil their obligations to the communities in which they operate.

Internal Communication

The first and most important step in any communications strategy is to ensure that there is a strong network and forum for internal communication. Maintaining a quality flow of communication with employees and staff is essential for future development.

EPS Consulting can carry out an audit of current communications and help to develop new ways to improve your internal communications, ensuring that everyone who works for the success of the business feels a part of it.

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